I decided to run for reeve of Chapple because I believe we are at a fulcrum point.
As the industrial powerhouse in the district, it is important to lay policy to keep business attracted to our municipality. We have the ability in front of Chapple to strengthen our future with strategic investment keeping in mind the core of Chapple’s history: fishing, farming, and forestry.
As reeve, I will push for a move back to year-end taxes once a year, with incentives to pay earlier as is done in western municipalities.
Our roads need serious infrastructure development to handle the increase in traffic and larger agricultural equipment needs. We need to focus inward on Chapple and less on Queen’s Park directives.
As a funding organization for district collaboration, we must ensure adequate value for the ratepayers.
It is time for fresh ideas to position Chapple for the future that seasoned tax-and-spend councillors cannot understand.