Staff updates town on capital upgrades


As construction season continues, so do many capital projects underway across Fort Frances. Transportation Superintendent Cody Vangel was on hand during Monday’s council meeting, to deliver a Capital Report to the Mayor and Council.

Here are the highlights of the report:

Recycling facilities

Curbside recycling has been suspended across Fort Frances since May 27, when a fire destroyed the recycling station on 6th Avenue. The compactor, and overflow bins are available for the drop-off of recyclables while a new station is built. According to Vangel, a tender has been issued, with a number of contractors attending a site tour on August 9. Tenders which have been submitted are scheduled to be opened on August 22. Although the Town is looking for construction to be completed in the Fall of 2023, the specific schedule won’t be known until the tenders are opened and examined. Curbside pick-up is expected to resume upon the completion of the building, this fall.

Lily Avenue/Splash Pad

The majority of the civic work at Lily Avenue, adjacent to the new splash pad site has been completed, though the electrical facilities for the signals are still under construction. Excavation and site plan for the splash pad is complete, with the placement of concrete scheduled for this week. Crews were busy with form work and the placement of pump posts into the final position, along with some grading compaction, in anticipation of the concrete.

Hallett and Owandem

The Hallett and Owandem waterfront park design project was launched July 28. Little Bluestem Landscape Architects have been awarded the tender to move that project forward. Two representatives from the town and Little Bluestem were scheduled to meet for a site visit this week. The project is expected to display both historic boats along the waterfront. Currently, the Owandem has been restored, and is in storage. The Hallett is in dry dock near the Sorting Gap; it was removed from the water during last year’s flooding, to prevent loss or damage.

Seniors Centre

The Senior Center expansion’s exterior structure is near completion. Interior work, including the wiring, insulation and mechanical, is expected to begin soon.

Pool and auditorium

According to Vangel, 90 per cent of the structural and mechanical design drawings have been received, with some comments returned. The next steps will be to review all of the drawings and return comments to the engineers in order to get the drawings finalized. The project will then go out for tender. The pool renovation is a multi-year project, with structural repairs being addressed first.

Sinclair Street

Construction is ongoing on Sinclair Street, to the rear of LaVerendrye General Hospital. The contractors are currently completing the water main, said Vangel. The next steps will be to pressure test and disinfect the new water main. Once that is completed, the new water main will be tied into the distribution system and connected to the hospital. The contractor will then removing the old water main and manhole, before moving on to the road base.