St. Francis students create school mural

The Grade 8 class at St. Francis School here has created a thing of beauty to be a joy forever.
Teacher Colette Fafard had been covering murals in her weekly art class, including the works of Mexican artist Diego Rivera.
The class decided to try making their own mural.
“The students came up with six different themes that reflected St. Francis School,” Fafard noted.
Those themes were culture, extra-curricular activities, Catholicity, special needs, community, and learning.
The students were divided into groups of six to design a section of the mural. Those designs then were copied onto transparencies.
“We put it on overhead projector paper and projected it onto big paper,” student Courtney Easton explained.
The students then traced their designs onto a large piece of paper and began colouring it in.
Their medium of choice was crayon, rather than paint or pencil crayon, as the colours are so vivid.
The class worked on their mural once a week for about two months—until it was completed on Friday.
“Many hours went into this project. The students are very proud,” Fafard said.
The students themselves said they learned just how difficult it is to create a mural. Their arms often tired as they were tracing their designs from the overhead.
But in the end, they said they were happy with the final product.
The mural now hangs in the hallway outside their classroom.