Square off limits to bikers, boarders

Duane Hicks

The new Rainy Lake Square is open to the public–just don’t use it as a skate park.
During Monday night’s council meeting, Mayor Roy Avis praised the recently-opened square as something the community should be proud of.
“It’s a beautiful facility,” he remarked. “It’s taken us at least probably 10 years to get where we are.”
Mayor Avis commended the committee that helped make it a reality, as well as consultant Tannis Drysdale for her work on it.
“It’s all come together in a professional manner with the help of all of the citizens,” he noted.
“But now the challenge comes forward,” the mayor added.
“I noticed the other day at lunch time, there was a young fellow on a bicycle riding up and down on the stage.
“That is not the place for bicycles and skateboards,” he stressed. “We have a place–it’s on the north side of the arena.
“They can go there, they can enjoy it, and bother nobody.”
The mayor said if residents do see people riding bikes or skateboards in the Rainy Lake Square, take the time to ask them to stop doing so.
“If they don’t respond, would you please call 9-1-1 if you have to to get them off that facility,” Mayor Avis urged.
Meanwhile, nearly all of the work has been done at the square.
Aside from some signage and minor deficiencies, the only tasks remaining this week include putting down asphalt in the alley south of the square and at the corner of Scott Street and Mowat Avenue, as well as the installation of public WiFi by Tbaytel.
The sections of Nelson Street and Second Street East that were rebuilt this summer also will be paved this week.
Graffiti plan
In related news, the town now has a plan as to how it will handle graffiti at the skate park, and will be keeping an eye open for any notable increases of it around town.
While the skate park has been around for more than 10 years now, council never has rendered direction regarding graffiti there, Community Services manager Jason Kabel noted in a report to council.
After reviewing the matter, the Community Services executive committee has recommended council endorse a graffiti management plan for the skate park as follows:
•arena maintenance staff will clean or paint over any indecent or offensive markings as soon as possible; and
•staff will schedule the removal of any innocuous markings in the regular course of maintenance.
The town also will purchase a portable surveillance camera that can be used as necessary on-site where there is a high incidence of graffiti in the community.