‘Spy Kids’ a fun movie for all

Film: “Spy Kids”
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Alan Cumming
Rated: PG
Rob’s Rating: ****1/2 out of 5

If you were skeptical about “Spy Kids” when it first came out to theatres last May, you can forgive yourself now that it’s on DVD and video.
Sure it looks like a kids’ movie, but then again so does “The Goonies” and you can get a better adventure film than that!
When secret agent parents go missing, it’s up to their kids to rescue them from a strange “Pee Wee Herman” type kids’ show host and his army of wacky robots.
Sounds fun, huh? Well it is–it’s a funny and action-packed ride full of high-tech gadgetry (sorry if that sounded too commercial!)
It is impressive to see how well Robert Rodriguez, known for his low-budget techniques, uses the special effects in this film.
He does not over-use them like in so many big-budget movies, but uses them quickly and very casually so they blend in to the background and seem almost commonplace.
Some of the “family togetherness” parts are cheesy but they send a good message. And the children are impressive actors who work well as brother and sister.
Rodriguez strays from his usual adult action movies, but you can see he’s having fun with the film–so much so that a sequel is on its way.
“Spy Kids” is a great film for everyone in the family so try it out and have fun!