Some LED Christmas lights being recalled

Consumers are being advised to double-check any new LED lights they have around their home after the Canadian Standards Association issued a national recall Friday.
The 35-bulb strings named in the recall were manufactured by the Bortex Industry Co. Ltd., sold between August and December this year, and bear the model number “COD-TL-35.”
In response to questions he’s received from the public since Friday’s recall, Jim Kibiuk, CEO and president of the Fort Frances Power Corp., stressed this morning that people should realize this is only one specific brand of LED Christmas lights being recalled.
No other LED strings produced by Bortex, or any other manufacturer, are affected.
The Bortex brand of lights are not being sold at Canadian Tire here, which the FFPC’s recent light exchange promotion was being held in conjunction with.
Nor are they being sold at Wal-Mart and The Bargain Shop here.
But these recalled lights possibly are being sold at other area stores (or elsewhere if the lights were purchased out-of-town), added Kibiuk, so the public should check the serial number and see if theirs are affected.
To find the number on your string of lights, look for a little white label attached to the cord. It should have the model number, the date 07/2005, and the CSA file number 228296.
The lights in question also should have, attached to the string, a little red CSA label with the number 228296.
Consumers who have purchased these lights should stop using them immediately and return them to their source of purchase.
According to the CSA, “A manufacturing defect may cause a malfunction of the light string, resulting in overheating and possible melting in the encapsulated area of the light string.”
And that, the CSA warned, “may pose a potential for a shock or fire hazard.”