Snow Week set to storm at Fort High

The Fort High student council is bringing back Snow Week on Feb. 25-March 1—a time when the student body has a chance to relax and enjoy many different winter activities this area offers.
Skiing will be the first activity of the week, with almost 90 students travelling to Biwabik on Tuesday and spend the day skiing at Giant’s Ridge.
The trip will be supervised by Bill Fisher and six other chaperones.
Then on Friday, students who chose not to go skiing will have the chance to go curling or ice fishing.
The curling will start at 9 a.m. and involve six draws of four-end games until 3 p.m., with a 45-minute lunch break.
Organizers are hoping to have 48 students signed up, which will give them 12 teams for the day.
“I just hope that the students show enough interest in this,” said Dorothy Barton, the staff supervisor for this activity. “It should be really fun for all of the students if we get enough interest of both the junior and senior students.”
Meanwhile, Owen Johnson will supervise the ice-fishing trip slated for March 1.
There also will be the annual Hawaiian dance next Thursday (Feb. 28) to warm up the students’ winter blues.
“Both students and faculty should recognize that school must also be fun for everyone,” said Al McManaman, guidance counsellor and faculty supervisor for the SEC.
“This is why we decided to bring back Snow Week this year. This is a nice way for relaxing and enjoying some great winter activities with your fellow students and faculty.
“And it’s also a good way to get the students pumped for March Break which is coming up.”
“It is good to bring back tradition,” agreed SEC president Nicole Rogozinski. “We just hope that a lot of the student body gets involved.
“Another reason we decided to do this is because there has been a lack of school spirit lately and we hope that this will bring it back to Fort High,” she added.
“So far, everything has been going along great, except the weather, but I guess this just means Snow Week puts a good end on the winter season and kicks off spring,” she reasoned.