Small business seminar slated Thursday Still some openings

In conjunction with Small Business Week, the Rainy River Future Development Corp. is hosting a seminar on how to start a small business this Thursday evening.
Angela Halvorsen, the RRFDC’s business development officer, said there were five spots available as of Tuesday morning. Those interested can contact her at 274-3276 or
The registration fee is $20.
The session, which will run from 6-9 p.m. at 608 Scott St. (the RRFDC office), is similar to the ones it has held in the past.
“I’ve done the seminar several times. I’m just sort of revamping it, adding some new things into it right now,” said Halvorsen. “It looks like it’s going to be fun.
“The seminar talks about the legalities, as well as the steps to take getting into business on your own,” she added.
Halvorsen stressed it’s a beginner’s course, and that anyone even mildly interested in small business is welcome to attend.
“This is the place to start,” she stressed. “Basically, I go from the beginning stage—from right where the idea comes from, why do you want to get this business going—so you don’t need to have anything when you walk through the door.
“You don’t need a business plan. You don’t even need a whole lot of research done because I talk about how to do the research,” added Halvorsen. “So it’s really the beginning stage of getting into business.”
Halvorsen said she’s been conducting the small business seminars for a few years now and the level of interest has remained steady.
However, the types of businesses have changed with the local economy.
“There seems to be a few more home-based businesses, as well as service-base businesses, as opposed to the more traditional, retail-based ones,” she noted.
“Some people want to be part-time, some want to do full-time.
“The interest has been there,” she added. “We do [small business seminars] every six-eight weeks and we’re filling up most every time.” Those attending Thursday night’s seminar don’t have to bring anything besides a pen and paper, said Halvorsen, adding she’ll be proving a business start-up package and copies of her presentation.
And as words of encouragement for anyone thinking of attending the small business seminar, Halvorsen noted she’s seen the seminars act as a launching pad for some now-successful local business ventures.