Sleigh to be displayed on square stage


A familiar sleigh will be displayed at the Rainy Lake Square this winter.
Town council endorsed the use of Linda and Bob Hamilton’s cutter sleigh for display at the square with a forthcoming agreement that outlines ownership, maintenance responsibilities, and release of liability.
The Museum Advisory Committee had requested that the sleigh, which had been loaned to the museum a few years ago and currently is being stored at the Public Works yard, be displayed on the stage at the Rainy Lake Square.
There, it not only would be available for the public for photo ops but would be sheltered somewhat from the elements.
The museum has agreed to buy marine paint while “Friends of the Museum” volunteer Eric Fagerdahl has agreed to repair and repaint the sleigh.
When not at the square, the sleigh will be located at the Public Works yard, where it will be properly wrapped and stored.
The museum will buy new tarp yearly.
Arena staff will move the sleigh to and from the Rainy Lake Square each fall and spring.
The Hamiltons will retain ownership of the sleigh.
In other news, work on the Mill Road overpass is over for this year.
The road granular materials were replaced and compacted, and the concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalk placed.
As well, on Nov. 6-7, asphalt was laid on the roadway and various road entrances in the vicinity, with the road fully re-opened to traffic on Friday, Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob told council last night.
Since that time, the contractor has been cleaning up the site.
Next year, the surface course (top layer) of asphalt will be placed on the road, as well as the boulevards and walkway along Colonization Road East to Calder Drive.
All of the final landscaping, as well as the bridge expansion joint seals, also will be left to next year due to the change in the weather.
When asked about future changes to traffic during next year’s overpass work, Rob said it’s likely traffic lights will have to be put up for a short period–six days–and it will be after school is finished for the year.
Meanwhile, the reconstruction of Third Street East from Williams Avenue to Colonization Road East wrapped up last month.
Asphalt was put down on Oct. 18 and the roadway was re-opened to all traffic on Oct. 20.
All of the landscaping and concrete work there has been completed.