Skate park site up to be presented tonight

After having referred a report regarding revised plans for a skate park here to the Community Services executive committee at its Feb. 14 meeting, town council will hear back Monday night as to where the proposed facility should be built.
Community Services manager George Bell confirmed Monday morning a site would be recommended to council tonight, noting the skate park committee had outlined several options in its report but favoured some over others.
The town initially had allocated land for the original skate park design (a large concrete bowl) to the land northeast of the Memorial Sports Centre.
But the town required the relocation of a water line at an estimated cost of $35,000 in relation to this site, making it cost-prohibitive for the skate park project.
The site options the skate park committee presented to the Community Services executive committee included:
•using the site allocated, despite its extra cost to the skate park committee;
•adjust the site allocation to avoid the necessity of relocating the existing water line under the original site allocation, and if necessary modify the park concept;
•relocate the area to the existing tennis courts and relocate the tennis courts to another site; or
•relocate the site to another location in town, despite the fact this would detract from the idea of having the Memorial Sports Centre as a central location for youth activities in the town.
The skate park committee noted in its report it preferred either the existing tennis courts, or another portion of the Memorial Sports Centre property which avoids the need for relocating any existing underground utilities.
The skate park committee is aiming to raise more than $100,000 by the end of April in order to pay for a 14,500 sq. ft. concrete modular skate park costing a total of $235,000.
< *c>Moffat Fund
As reported in last Thursday’s Daily Bulletin, Monday night’s council meeting also will see a dozen local applicants to the Moffat Family Fund receive their share of the $50,000 pot the town had been allocated for 2004.
While the recipients were notified of their grants, the identities of the successful applicants—and the projects they were looking to fund—haven’t been publicly announced.
A total of 32 local individuals and organizations filed their applications by September. Altogether, they requested a total of $361,019.84 in funding.
A dozen of those then were chosen by the local Moffat Family Fund committee in October and forwarded to the Winnipeg Foundation for final approval.
Other business at Monday night’s meeting will include:
•a hearing regarding tax cancellations and reductions;
•an appointment to the management for the regional value-added forestry initiative;
•further discussion of the proposal to eliminate executive committees;
•a break-open ticket licence application from the Fort Frances Muskie Touchdown Booster Club at This ’N That from March 10, 2005 to Sept. 10, 2005;
•a request for financial support from the Fort Frances “Community Chest” committee regarding the annual benefit dinner coming up March 20 at La Place Rendez-Vous;
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with district municipalities for the provision of assistance during times of emergency; and
•a bylaw to approve an amendment to a services agreement with the Electrical Safety Authority.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. It will be preceded by the committee of the whole, which will meet in-camera from 5:30-6:30 and then in public from 6:30-7 p.m.