Six still sought over $2 million drug bust

The Tri-Force Drug Unit is looking to track down six more people in connection with a $2 million drug bust and the arrest of 11 others last week, including a Fort Frances woman.
Det. Sgt. John Horne said yesterday two people are being located in Thunder Bay while another Northwestern Ontario man has been incarcerated in the United States on other charges.
Police are awaiting his extradition.
“[The charges are] related to this but it’s more to do with a U.S. Immigration issue,” noted Det. Sgt. Horne.
Three others are being sought but Det. Sgt. Horne said he wouldn’t reveal whether they were thought to be in Canada, the United States, or elsewhere.
“At this point, we won’t release the identities until the arrest warrants are served. Hopefully, next week we’ll have more names of people arrested,” he added.
The investigation—which centered on the illegal distribution of controlled substances, mainly hash oil, into the region—was able to break a ring that operated between Jamaica, Canada, and the U.S.
“It’s the biggest international ring we’ve broken,” said Det. Sgt. Horne. “It’s the largest seizure of drugs we’ve ever done.”
The drugs seized included roughly 89 kg of hash oil, 358 grams of cocaine, 335 grams of hash, and nine kg of marijuana.
But will the bust put a dent in drug trafficking in the region?
“I think that’s true when it comes to hash oil. We’ve basically taken 200 pounds off the street,” noted Det. Sgt. Horne, adding marijuana and hash oil are the most popular narcotics in the region, along with cocaine.
Still, Det. Sgt. Horne said even breaking a ring of this scale won’t come close to ending drug use in the region. “It’s still a problem. And it always will be as long as there’s a demand,” he admitted.
“[Drug use here] is no worse here than in other areas. But a lot of break-ins, assaults, [and] assaults causing bodily harm are the result of drug and alcohol abuse,” Det. Sgt. Horne added.
“Most property damage is due to someone trying to steal valuables for drugs,” he noted.
A total of 64 drug charges were laid in the wake of 19 search warrants executed in Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, and Winnipeg last week.
Among those charged was Pamela Colfer, 39, of Fort Frances, who was arrested Oct. 12 and charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime.
Also facing charges are Anthony Marozzo, 39, Elio Deamicis, 40, John Pawluk, 38, Ronald Johnston, 40, Candice Cooper, 37, and Jason Hopkins, 29, all of Thunder Bay, Kurt Breton, 40, and Derrick Waselenko, 40, both of St. Clements, Man., and Jeff Priestly, 38, and Grant Kabez, 37, both of Winnipeg.
This investigation’s Tri-Force Drug Unit was composed of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Thunder Bay Police, and the OPP, and included the OPP Crime Unit from London.
It also was assisted by 18 other agencies, including the Fort Frances, Thunder Bay, and Nipigon OPP, Canada Customs, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Custom Service, and Minnesota Bureau of Crime Investigation.
Local, county, and state law enforcement agencies in Minnesota also were among those involved.