Six new fires reported in area

Six new fires were reported in the area as of this morning, including two in Dryden District, two in Kenora District, one in Red Lake District, and one in Fort Frances District, the Ministry of Natural Resources said today.
No problems were anticipated with these fires, the MNR added.
Fort Frances Fire #106 was a small blaze (0.1 hectare) on an island on the north arm of Rainy Lake.
A total of 30 fires currently are burning across the West Fire Region, including eight in Fort Frances District covering 2,018.1 ha.
A mixture of sun and rain is forecast for the next few days and the forest fire hazard is expected to fluctuate as a result, registering “low” on some days but quickly rebounding to “moderate” and “high” when the weather improves, the MNR said.
It is under these kinds of varying conditions that human-caused blazes can occur when people think there is little chance of flames spreading from their outdoor fires.
Recent experience has shown that people must continue to manage all outdoor fires properly and within the conditions of the Forest Fires Prevention Act, or they risk it becoming a wildfire, the ministry stressed.
Violations of this act which lead to forest fires may result in people being charged, fined, and possibly held responsible for the cost of fighting the blaze.
In related news, all of the monitored fires in remote sections of Sioux Lookout District have been declared “out.” As well, infrared scanning is being conducted on fires in Quetico Park to see if any remain smouldering.
Red Lake District reports the fires it is monitoring are smouldering. One new fire there required heli-bucketing assistance because there were no nearby sources of water for the firefighters on the ground to draw from.
Meanwhile, project fires in Dryden District (#79) and Greenstone (Nipigon #151) are winding down with fewer hotspots showing up on infrared scanning each day.
Base camp operations for Dryden #79 have been dismantled and the remaining mop-up on the fire area will be co-ordinated out of the Dryden fire management headquarters now.
Greenstone also is gearing down operations on Nipigon #151.
And Sioux Lookout District reported recent stormy weather toppled multiple trees near the fire base and the town of Sioux Lookout due to heavy winds.
As a result, new blowdown timber is expected to be found there.