Site work for new grocery store may start in spring

Town council forwarded a zoning bylaw amendment application from Loblaw Properties West Inc. to municipal planner Faye Flatt for processing during Monday night’s regular meeting here.
And if everything goes ahead without any problems, work on the site for a new grocery store could begin this spring, Flatt said Wednesday.
“The application is now distributed to all the town departments for comment,” she said. “They do a technical review, as do I.
“It then goes to the Planning Advisory Committee, who acts in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations on it,” she said, explaining the application process.
“And from there, I do a planning report, which consolidates everything.
“That goes to the Planning and Development executive committee, and then ultimately to a public meeting, which in this case will probably be around the end of February,” added Flatt.
If the application is approved, this would be followed by a three-week appeal period.
As previously reported, the application is to rezone the property in the west end of town from M2 (heavy industrial) and C3 (highway commercial) to C2 (general commercial) to allow for a retail grocery store and gas bar to be built there.
This property is located on King’s Highway, between Witherspoon’s One Stop and Wal-Mart. A house currently sits on the property, which would be demolished if the project goes ahead, noted Flatt.
According to the proposed plans for the store, the building would be nearly 44,000 sq. ft. in size, with a large parking lot and a gas bar.
Flatt said assuming the re-zoning bylaw is approved, the project would proceed with site plan control in mid-March and April, with construction ready to start in May.
Mayor Dan Onichuk, who’s a minority shareholder in the corporation that owns the property the store may be built on, declared a pecuniary interest in the agenda item during Monday night’s meeting and did not vote to move the zoning bylaw amendment application forward for processing.
Loblaw Properties West Inc. did not return any phone calls prior to press time Thursday.