Sewer cleaning starts today


Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service will conduct a sewer cleaning and televising program for the next two weeks starting today.
The town has hired the company to flush the sewer system over the next three years, as well as use a camera to record defects in it.
Residents are reminded that sometimes during cleaning and inspection, air pressure in the sewer can cause water to splash out of toilets, sinks, and drains.
As such, they can take precautions, including:
•closing the lids on their toilets when not in use;
•inserting drain plugs in all sinks and bathtubs when not in use;
•removing all floor mats in bathrooms as they could get wet; and
•covering all basement floor drains.
Sewer cleaning and inspection also sometimes can leave an odour in the home.
If this is the case, run water down all sink and bathtub drains, flush toilets, pour a pail of water into each basement floor drain, and open windows to get rid of the smell.
Affected streets include Sixth Street West, Sixth Street East, Second Street East, Third Street East, First Street East, Mowat Avenue, Nelson Street, Victoria Avenue South, Church Street, Williams Avenue, Idylwild Drive, Olde Shambles Road, Phair Avenue, and Minnie Avenue.
For a map of the affected area, and where work will be done next year and in 2015, go to: