Senior centre board mulls decision


The Senior Centre’s board of directors continue to meet on a daily basis to determine if the town’s recently vacated daycare centre is a viable alternative location to where the centre is presently housed.

“The group is looking at comparative costs between the two facilities, considering renovations, operating costs, current state of both buildings, location, and parking, just to mention a few of the parameters,” Coun. John McTaggart said at Monday night’s council meeting.

“This is an objective review to determine what will be the best for our seniors today and far into the future for delivery of services to our seniors.”

Coun. McTaggart said this is an opportunity that presented itself to the town with the announcement of municipal daycare services closing.

“There are many that believe this decision is already being made about the future of the current senior centre and I want to assure everyone this is not the case as we continue to examine all factors for a proper outcome,” he stressed.

“I expect in the near future that we are going to divest ourselves of one of the pieces of property, so we’re doing our very best to be certain that all aspects have been fully vetted and that a well reasoned recommendation comes to council for a decision.”