Second newcomer event here lauded


Moving to a new community can be difficult, especially when immigrating there from another part of the world.
To assist those who are new to Fort Frances get better acclimated to the community, the Valley Adult Learning Association (VALA) hosted their second official “Newcomer Meet and Greet” at the Plaza Lanes bowling alley here last Friday.
Close to 40 different newcomers from 11 different countries came out to socialize, participate in an Easter egg hunt, and bowl against one another.
Families from India, Africa, China, England, Indonesia, Guyana, Sudan, Botswana, Mexico and Egypt attended the event.
Lots of friendships were made during at bowling alley and it was overwhelming successful day, according to Tracey Omerod of VALA who helped to organize it.
“Everyone embraced the opportunity to get to know each other,” she enthused.
When the event kicked off Omerod helped mix up the bowling teams which made for some competitive matches.
She said some of the participants who had never played before even got some strikes which made for an “electric atmosphere” at the bowling alley.
“The little children enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt the most and one lady who is an amazing baker and has just started a professional baking business brought delicious Easter cakes to share at the event,” Omerod recalled.
She added that the feedback has been positive from those who attended.
“They were all very thankful and said that they had had a fun and memorable day,” Omerod lauded.
The past two newcomer events have been organized by VALA but they are now passing the torch onto the newcomers to organize future events themselves.
“Attendees have now had the opportunity to meet each other and network, so we invite them to spearhead the next event,” Omerod said.
A Facebook group was created for those who have recently immigrated here called “New Comers Fort Frances” so they can socialize and coordinate a future events.
Omerod is hopeful they will be able to carry the event forward.