‘Scott Street Scare’ treated to success

What started out as a last-minute plan to offer a safer Halloween turned out to be a resounding success for organizers when the Business Improvement Area offered up “Scott Street Scare” on Friday night.
The three-hour event, which saw 31 downtown businesses handing out goodies, attracted some 450 trick-or-treaters.
Scott Street was lined with ghosts and goblins just after 4:30 p.m. and within two hours most supplies of candy were used up.
“We ran out around 6-6:30 p.m. I figured we’d get a lot of kids but I had no idea at all of [the amount],” admitted Sandra McNay of Masquerade Costume Rentals, who spearheaded the idea.
Louis Cousineau, co-owner of the Bonnie Blue was impressed by the number of adults who came out to usher their children around the different businesses, adding he also was amazed with the quality costumes.
“It felt good [to see] a lot of parents out and some of the costumes had a lot of work put into them,” he said. “Some of those kids must have spent all afternoon getting ready.”
Normally open until 9 p.m. during the week, Cousineau didn’t find the event an inconvenience but noted there were some businesses, such as banks and government offices, that would have a hard time staying open to accommodate the youngsters in search of treats.
Jim Jackson of Sight and Sound said even if “Scott St. Scare” had not coincided with his “Midnight Madness” sale hours, he would have kept the doors open late just to be a part of the fun.
“I thought it was great,” he enthused. “It wasn’t a big investment in candy either. It was a good deal.”
McNay already has received phone calls from businesses–including some that didn’t take part this year–who wanted in on next year’s event.
And she’s is hoping to convince the B.I.A. to close off the 100-400 blocks of Scott Street to provide an even safer Halloween route for kiddies next time around.