‘Scott St. Scare’ attracts huge crowd of ghouls, goblins

“Scott St. Scare” organizer Sandra McNay is beaming at the overwhelming number of costumed youngsters who flocked to the downtown core Halloween night.
A whopping 1,500 children moved along the 100-400 blocks of Scott Street, where 30 participating businesses kept their doors open until 7 p.m. to hand out treats.
McNay had anticipated a large crowd of kids for the second-annual “Scott St. Scare” and supplied store owners with a lot more candy this time around (having faced a shortage last year). But despite the “sweet” increase, they ran out again.
“It was a tremendous, tremendous success and totally amazing,” McNay enthused Monday. “We were set for 1,000 kids and we obviously had no clue it would be this big because we ran out of candy again.
“I’m so, so sorry that some businesses ran out but I did the best I could do with what I had,” she added.
McNay, who owns Masquerade Costume Rentals here, also gave kudos to Doug Kitowski Trucking Ltd., whose staff contacted more than 10 businesses in the industrial park to donate to the “Scott St. Scare.”
The company also provided a “Halloween theme” float on a tractor-trailer unit set up on the 200 block of Scott Street during the event.
“They contacted everybody in the north end to donate to the event and then did up their own candy bags,” McNay noted. “And the float was wonderful.”
Despite the good response from businesses that supported the “Scott St. Scare,” and its popularity among the youngsters, McNay said she was disappointed at the amount of support she got from residents when it came to candy donations.
Only 30 people donated candy or cash to the “Scott St. Scare.” If more had do so, perhaps there would not have been a shortage, she reasoned.
“This event is going to be planned again for next year,” she noted. “If everyone who brought a child downtown to [the event] donated $5 worth of candy, this problem would not happen again.”