Science fair results

The local science fair for schools from across Rainy River District was held Saturday at J.W. Walker School.
In all, 52 students in Grades 4-8 from both the Rainy River District School Board and the Northwest Catholic District School Board participated.
Kathy Smeeth, the math/science/tech/social studies co-ordinator for the public board, said 10 judges from the community volunteered their time to help make the science fair a success.
The following are the first-place winners for each grade:
•Grade 4—Eva Gerber, Sturgeon Creek School, “Which Wood is Strongest?”;
•Grade 5—Skylar Arpin, Riverview School, “Is Breakfast Important?”;
•Grade 6—Jessica Haw, Sturgeon Creek School, “Cover Up”;
•Grade 7—Courtney Haw, McCrosson-Tovell School, “Bulb Wise”; and,
•Grade 8—Mitchell Haw, Sturgeon Creek School, “That’s A Wrap!”
Smeeth noted second- and third-place prizes were awarded, as well as gift prizes for all participants.
Because there is no regional science fair this year, the winning students will not be eligible to move on to the national one.
But Smeeth noted the regional science fair will be held here next year.