School to create ‘learning garden’

On Dec. 7, “Communities in Bloom” made a presentation to the Rainy River District School Board asking for a commemorative garden honouring the past employees of the board.
Subsequent to this, Robert Moore School made a grant request for this purpose through an innovative project proposal and received $3,700.
The new project will be called The Learning Garden. A plan has been created by Marie Anderson and will begin in the spring.
Many children will benefit from the garden project now and in the future. Indeed, generations of school children will reap the benefits.
Students, for instance, will see the respect felt for the efforts of former employees demonstrated in The Learning Garden.
They will be able to take pride in what they see as they learn a respect for living things and how to nurture a beautiful environment.
In time, Robert Moore will regain its former magnificence and all of the community will enjoy The Learning Garden.
Communities in Bloom asks you to consider making contributions to Robert Moore School (Builders’ Club) to assist in their endeavours. You could donate in memory of past teachers you wish to remember, family members, or a helpful mentor.
A tree could be donated or a lovely perennial. Your labour might be helpful at planting time.
The school cannot issue receipts for income tax purposes, but will acknowledge all donations with sincere gratitude.
This is a wonderful opportunity to honour our past, enrich the students’ environment, participate in the community, and look forward with optimism to our future.
Please consider what you can contribute. You gift will be visible for years to come.