School calendar to accommodate potential ‘Y2K’ woes

Concern over the so-called “millennium bug,” or Y2K, means district students could be getting a different–and slightly longer–Christmas break for the 1999-2000 school year.
Although the Rainy River District School Board still has to give its final approval, the last day of school tentatively is slated for Thursday, Dec. 23 and classes aren’t scheduled to resume until Monday, Jan. 10, 2000.
That translates into an extra day of break compared to this year (kids were off from Dec. 18-Jan. 4).
“It has mainly to do with ‘Y2K’ and the possible disruptions due to the phenomenon,” said Tom Fry, curriculum staff development co-ordinator for the local public school board.
“If we declare ourselves ‘Y2K-compatible,’ which we have, and the kids are in school and something happens, then we’re liable. The school’s insurance won’t cover it,” he explained.
Fry said this ‘Y2K clause’ is a common one among insurance companies.
Of course, there’s a catch. Students will get out of school in June, 2000 one day later than this year (June 21).
The board is likely to approve the calendar change at its next regular meeting March 2.