School board to meet


The Rainy River District School Board will hold its regular monthly meeting tonight (Jan. 6) at 7 p.m. at Robert Moore School.
On the agenda includes a report from the board’s policy committee, which last met on Dec. 8.
It will be presenting a motion for the board to approve the following policies for stakeholder consultation:
•1.00 Statement of Board Mission, Beliefs and Vision;
•1.01 Special Education—Statement of Policy;
•1.11 Conduct of Business;
•1.21 Representative of First Nations Students;
•1.24 Special Education Advisory Committee;
•3.45 Teacher Performance Appraisal;
•4.14 Allergies in Schools; and
•6.10 Community use of School Facilities
Feedback is to be received before Jan. 23.
Updates also will be given from the Special Education Advisory Committee, the building committee, and the occupational health and safety committee.
Also scheduled for tonight’s meeting is a presentation on “Job-Embedded Professional Learning in Numeracy,” a project that has begun in various schools across the district to help teachers improve their ability to teach mathematics to students.
As well, a video presentation will be given featuring students from Sturgeon Creek School.
The presentation is meant to talk about optimism, and includes a presentation on students from Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program’s trip to Guatemala.