SAP offers gift for designated drivers

As a sort of “thank you” gift to designated drivers, some local bars—in conjunction with the district Substance Abuse Prevention team—are giving out special cups to patrons who choose to put safety first.
“Basically, the whole initiative is to promote safe, responsible drinking. As licensees, it’s a concern,” said Larry Syrovy, owner of the Rainy Lake Hotel.
“So some of use decided to do this.”
The plastic cups bear the “Arrive Alive, Stay Sober” slogan along with the name of one of the initiative’s three participants—the Rainy Lake Hotel, Red Dog Inn, and local Legion.
Those who have one of these cups can get free re-fills of soft drinks for the entire evening, after which they can take them home.
The cups also have a glow-in-the-dark module that attaches to its base so the designated driver is easy to find in those sometimes dark establishments.
“It’s a nice gift—attractive and it’s cool,” noted Syrovy.
“We’ve heard nothing but a positive response from people about this,” said Fort Frances OPP Cst. Al MacDonald, who also is a member of the SAP committee.