Sanders retires from Riverside board Wright elected as new chair

Craig Sanders announced his retirement from the board of Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. at its annual general meeting last Thursday after nine years of service, including five as chairman.
“He will be greatly missed for his leadership and vision,” the board said in a press release.
Robin Wright was elected as the new chair while Brigitta McGreevy was appointed to the position of vice-chair, replacing Emily Watson, who remains on the board.
Other changes on the board include the appointment of Marlis Bruyere as the Aboriginal representative, replacing Jim Leonard, and the appointment of Mark Kowalchuk as a new member, filling the vacancy left by Sanders’ retirement.
The meeting, held at La Place Rendez-Vous, also included reports from CEO Wayne Woods, Chief of Staff Dr. Robert Algie, and the three hospital auxiliaries for La Verendrye, Emo, and Rainy River.
Jonathan Evans from BDO Dunwoody also presented the audited financial statements.
In other news, a by-law change was approved to combine the Health Records/Utilization committee and the Medical Quality Assurance Committee.
As well, BDO Dunwoody was appointed auditor for the corporation for the 2005-06 fiscal year.
Last Tuesday, the Riverside Foundation for Health Care held its annual general meeting, appointing Larry Cousineau as its new chair. He replaces John McTaggart, who served as chair for the last two years.
McTaggart also chaired the “Care Close to Home” campaign in 2000-01.
Deane Cunningham subsequently was appointed vice-chair, replacing Wendy Judson, who held the position for four years.
Both McTaggart and Judson will remain as members of the Foundation’s board.
Cousineau has been involved with the Foundation since its inception in 1997 while Cunningham joined the board last year.
Meanwhile, Ian McLennan was appointed to the Foundation’s board, filling the vacancy left by Ken Koprowski, who resigned due to an upcoming move from Fort Frances.
Dr. Steve Chown also is leaving the board this year.
Laurene Hannam, Heather Oltsher, and Dixie Badiuk were appointed to the board of directors in April further to a by-law change to include auxiliary representatives from Rainy River, Emo and La Verendrye Hospital, respectively.
And Tammy Kellar was re-appointed to the board for a three-year term.
Also at that meeting, the audited financial statements as prepared by BDO Dunwoody were accepted, with BDO Dunwoody being appointed the auditor for the 2005-06 fiscal year.