Salvation Army says ‘thank you’

The Salvation Army in Canada would like to offer an enormous expression of gratitude to all its donors for their generosity during the recent appeal for tsunami relief.
As of Feb. 3, public contributions to the Canadian Salvation Army’s South Asia Disaster Relief Fund totalled $4.8 million.
On Dec. 26, the tsunami devastated much of South Asia, leaving more than 200,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands more homeless.
“Canadians responded to this tragedy by opening their hearts, and the Salvation Army is grateful,” said Graham Moore, Public Relations and Development Secretary.
“Our organization is committed to the long-term rebuilding of broken lives and communities in South Asia,” he noted. “That commitment is now possible because of the kindness of our faithful donors.”
While the work of the Salvation Army in South Asia will continue for many years, we know our donors will continue to support the programs and services provided here at home.
With an active workforce in Canada of more than 60,000 people, officers, employees, and volunteers from the Salvation Army operate 500 ministry units in 400 communities and help over a million people each year.
The Salvation Army serves in 109 countries throughout the world. It began its work in Canada in 1882 as a Christian movement with an acute social conscience.
With more than 120 years’ experience, the Salvation Army continues to provide professional services that are relevant to the diverse needs of vulnerable people and their communities.