Sally Ann forced to remove shed


Due to zoning restrictions, the local Salvation Army has been forced to remove its donations shed at the back of their building, and regrets to inform the public that those wanting to donate items only can do so when the Thrift Store is open.
“We ask that all donations please be brought directly into the Thrift Store during our hours of operation only,” stressed Capt. Marlene Sandoval, adding the Thrift Store is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
“We’re sorry for the inconvenience,” she added.
She noted if people cannot make it to the Thrift Store during business hours, they can call the Salvation Army office at 274-3871 and make arrangements to drop them off at another time.
Without the shed, items get ruined by the elements when they are dropped off outside the store when it’s closed.
Capts. Marlene and Angel Sandoval do not want the community to stop bringing in donations because what they sell in the store helps pay employees, helps the family services, and supports the food bank.
But they are asking donors to only give clothes and other items which are of a quality that can be resold. They should be clean and in good condition.
The Salvation Army does not have laundry facilities to put
everything it receives through the wash before preparing the items for sale.
When they get items that are ruined by being left outside, or otherwise are dirty or unfit for resale, staff and volunteers have to spend much energy and time sorting through usable donations and what has to be thrown away.
Clothes not suitable for sale are sorted, bagged up, and stored anywhere that can be found in the very limited space on the lower level of the Citadel or in outdoor sheds at the back.
These bags periodically are graciously picked up by local trucking company Taylor International and shipped—free of charge—to a recycling centre in Toronto.
There, the Salvation Army gets 10 cents per pound of materials.
If this option was not available to them, Capt. Angel said the unusable clothes would have to go to the local landfill.