Safeway to get a face-lift

FORT FRANCES—Extensive renovations are in the works for the Canada Safeway store here, provided plans are finalized in the next couple of weeks.
“We have every expectation that we’ll be proceeding with the renovations,” John Graham, public affairs manager for Canada Safeway in Winnipeg, said this week.
The local store will switch to the “Lifestyles” format, already adopted in nearly half of the chain’s 214 Canadian stores.
“The goal is to create a more relaxed shopping atmosphere,” Graham said, noting the format will “better serve single people, seniors, and those looking for healthier foods.”
“Every department will look significantly different,” he added. “It’s almost like a boutique kind of experience in each of the departments.”
The renovations will include the installment of hardwood floors, new lighting, and a home decor centre.
The store also will feature an expanded selection of organics in the produce section and a wide array of “meals to go” for quick meal preparation.
Graham said the store also likely will have a Starbucks—the popular Seattle-based coffee company—with in-store seating. Shopping carts even will be outfitted with cup holders.
There’s been talk Safeway finally will open its long-planned in-store pharmacy, although Graham made no mention of that.
The renovations will take place primarily within the four existing walls of the store.
“We’ll expand the sales floor but reduce the storage area,” Graham explained.
“The bulk of the renovations will be done throughout the night, in the off hours,” he added. “Shopping will not be interrupted. New departments will open as they’re ready.”
The plans are expected to be finalized in the next two weeks, with work beginning as early as next month.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)