Safeway renovations may start next month Starbucks included in preliminary plans

Canada Safeway is very close to finalizing plans to begin a major renovation at its Fort Frances location, a company spokesperson said last week.
“We’re really thrilled,” John Graham, public affairs manager for Canada Safeway, said from Winnipeg. “We have every expectation that we’ll be proceeding.”
As first reported in Friday’s Daily Bulletin, the plans for the extensive renovation are expected to be finalized in the next two weeks, and include a new home decor centre, hardwood flooring, and new lighting.
“It will also include a full-service Starbucks coffee shop and in-store seating, and even every shopping cart will have drink holders so you can enjoy your Starbucks while you’re shopping,” Graham noted.
“The goal is to create a more relaxed shopping atmosphere,” he said.
The local store will be made into the chain’s new “Lifestyle” format, which is designed “to better serve single people, seniors, and those seeking healthier foods,” he explained.
Each department will undergo significant transformation. “It’s almost like a boutique kind of experience in each of the departments,” Graham said.
The store also will feature an expanded selection of organics in the produce section and a wide array of “meals to go” for quick meal preparation.
“These have proven to be a real clear winner in our other locations,” he noted.
“It all comes together to make a pretty impactful transformation. It’s the most significant overhaul of our offerings in many decades,” Graham added
The Fort Frances Safeway will be the 95th of the chain’s 214 stores to be transformed into the “Lifestyle” format.
“The bulk of the renovations will be done throughout the night, in the off hours. Shopping will not be interrupted,” Graham said. “New departments will open as they’re ready.”
Construction could begin as early as next month.