Safeway looking for new charity

Canada Safeway here is on the lookout for a new charity to adopt for 2003 and is asking the public offer their ideas as to which one would be the best choice.
“We’ve had a couple submission so far,” assistant manager Cory Delbridge said this morning, adding while he can’t comment on who they’re from, they’ve been “interesting.”
“We would like to have as many to choose from as possible,” he noted.
The deadline for entries is next Friday (Nov. 29).
Delbridge said Safeway staff is looking forward to co-operating with whichever charity is adopted to raise as much money as possible.
The local store has a track record of raising more money with each passing year—and even has a reputation as the top fundraiser among Safeway stores in western Canada.
Any local non-profit organization, including service clubs and charities, are welcome to recommend themselves.
All interested parties must submit their application by Nov. 29. to the attention of Cory Delbridge at the Customer Service desk.
Safeway staff will vote on any submissions after that and announce a decision by Saturday, Dec. 7.
Delbridge noted the public can expect to see the fundraising start very shortly after the charity is chosen, adding it’s likely the store will start selling tickets for a raffle before Christmas, where the top prize will be $100 a week in groceries for a year.
This past year, the local Safeway, with the help of volunteers from local service clubs, raised $55,123.53 for the “Community Chest.”