Safeway expansion on schedule

Despite $100,000 in hail damage to its new roofing a month ago, the expansion project at Canada Safeway here is looking good–with completion expected by late fall.
“We did sustain hail damage during the May 15 storm, and had some minor setbacks to the new roofing, but it didn’t impact the schedule,” John Graham, public affairs manager for Safeway’s Prairie region, said yesterday from his Winnipeg office.
The fact the expansion is going well is a sentiment shared by Safeway assistant manager Dale Fortes, who noted customer service hasn’t been affected by the project yet.
But that could change somewhat when upgrades to the store’s interior get underway.
“Customer service is not affected. However as things begin to change [inside], it may cause some confusion,” he admitted yesterday, though stressing most of the interior remodelling will be done after store hours.
“The majority of work will be done during the midnight shift, with some minor work done during [the day],” he noted.
“Over the next month, we will continue to develop the new area of the store and [begin] upgrading the old store,” echoed Graham, noting that would mean additional check-out stands.
“Some [food] departments may be re-positioned in the store for short periods of time,” he added.
Presently, work is focused on the south side of the store, with construction crews preparing to knock down the wall to connect the 13,000 sq. ft. addition.
Work also will begin on the parking lot, with the addition of some 100 parking spaces over the next week or two.
Graham said new frontage on the east side eventually will be the main entrance of the store, with the current entrance being phased out once all the remodelling is done.
The cost of the Safeway expansion is $6.8 million, and will upgrade the local store to scale with those in Thunder Bay and Kenora.
“It is certainly our most modern, most progressive model to date,” said Graham.