Safeway donates bass tourney profits

The local Safeway store is sharing its catch from the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, donating $4,750 each to the bass committee and the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club.
The money was raised from the sale of hamburgers, hot dogs and pop sold at the food booth Safeway ran during the tournament.
Safeway got involved with the bass tournament last year under then manager Don Kehler, and the food booth has become a sort of tradition since.
“Last year we raised $5,000,” noted Safeway assistant manager Greg Warner. “We’re ecstatic with what we raised this year, and I’m sure the bass committee is ecstatic in how the tournament went.”
With the pop donated by Pepsi, the gas from Superior Propane and the buns from Canada Safeway, the only cost that had to be covered were the hamburgers and hot dogs.
And that didn’t take too long to make up, with Warner noting business at their booth was fairly active since it opened last Wednesday.
“We were open from 11 a.m. to about 1 a.m. every day,” he said. “And there were times we needed about six or seven people [on duty].”
The 32 Safeway employees at the Sorting Gap Marina last weekend were all volunteers, Warner stressed, noting no one got paid to be there.
“They probably donated 500 hours total between all the volunteers,” he figured. “We had some volunteers donate 40 hours each. Four or five took holidays just to go down there.
“All our volunteers had a great time,” he said.
And Warner said they already were looking at some improvements for next year, such as better serving trays and ketchup and mustard pumps.
“We’re going to look at increasing our variety next year, going to look at getting chips next year and a lot things people asked for,” he said.
“Just little things that can make it better.”