Safety coalition to focus on raising its profile

While those who attended the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition’s retreat here yesterday discussed much during the day-long conference, one clear goal was raising the organization’s profile.
“Marketing came up a lot through the day,” RRVSC spokesperson Crystal Godbout said this morning.
“We want to get our name out,” she stressed. “We want to let more people know that if you have a safety program, we can work together on an information-sharing basis.”
Godbout noted the RRVSC is having a website developed, through which it hopes to reach more safety-related groups and spread the message about what it does.
Through the Internet, this could mean making contact locally, provincially, nationally, and even globally.
“We also identified target groups—areas where there seemed to be holes in safety promotion and prevention,” said Godbout.
One of those was area First Nations. Godbout noted while the RRVSC makes presentations to groups such as the Rainy River District Municipal Association every year, it doesn’t do so for chiefs and council.
She added improving communications not only could mean becoming more aware of what safety programming is going on with area First Nations, but help to address any safety promotion and prevention issues these communities may have.
“We also went through what the coalition was, and what we do. It gave people there a better understanding of how the coalition works,” added Godbout.
“And we talked about culture and values—how they affect safety in different ways,” she noted. “Some people seem to think ‘That wouldn’t happen to me’ when it comes to some things and we have to look at that.”
Godbout said areas like program sustainability and funding also were touched upon during yesterday’s inaugural retreat at the Civic Centre.
About 20 people attended, representing the Northwestern Health Unit, ambulance services, OPP, fire and rescue services, Fort Frances Times, area First Nations, Family and Children Services, District Social Services Administration Board, and Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc.
District municipalities, including Fort Frances, La Vallee, and Chapple, also were represented there yesterday.