Safety blitz reveals thousands of infractions


A week-long safety blitz by the OPP saw thousands of drivers facing fines and charges. Operation Safe Driver data reveals 7,084 Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) charges laid during the week-long traffic safety initiative.

Drivers of passenger and other non-commercial vehicles racked up 6,180 of the charges, while commercial vehicle drivers were issued 904 of the offence notices.

Speeding, distracted, careless and impaired driving, following too closely, and other unsafe/illegal moving violations were among the offences on the part of both non-commercial and commercial drivers.

Among other commercial driver charges were those related to speed limiters, defective equipment, unsecured load, unsafe lane changes and improper documents.

“The OPP and its valued Ministry of Transportation road safety partners thank all drivers who own up to their responsibility of sharing the road safely every day – a measure that would dramatically reduce the number of collisions, injuries and fatalities if every driver followed their example,” said the OPP in a release.

Operation Safe Driver is an annual, national campaign, founded by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which ran from July 9 to 15, 2023.