Runners off to marathons

Energy Fitness patrons will be heading off in teams to a pair of marathons this weekend—one in Winnipeg and the other in Duluth.
The marathoners will be wearing matching green bandanas with white polka dots as a show of solidarity—an idea dreamed up by Energy Fitness owner Jackie Lampi-Hughes.
“Just so people know we’re a group, and when you’re running in a mass of people, it’s easier to pick people out when you’re matching,” Lampi-Hughes explained.
Twenty runners will carpool down to Duluth for the annual Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday while another 10 will head to Winnipeg for the Manitoba Marathon the next day.
Lampi-Hughes will be among the Duluth crowd, but a foot injury will ensure she’s there just “for support.”
One notable pair of marathoners are two sisters who will run in Winnipeg on Father’s Day in honour of their recently-passed dad.
“There’s probably a little bit of meaning for everyone,” said Lampi-Hughes.
This weekend marks something of a peak for local marathoners, with a group having taken part in a marathon in Fargo, N.D. in late May, preceded by trips to Vancouver and Winnipeg by others.