Rotary Club disperses funds

Having turned in its charter back in January, the disbanded Fort Frances Rotary Club finally has divvied up its projects account, with three local groups benefiting from the group’s contributions.
“We cleaned up our accounts [Wednesday] and we’re giving out our money to the Kiwanis, the library, and the local radio club,” long-time Rotarian Bill Badiuk said Thursday.
The most significant boon was to the Kiwanis Club’s proposed skate park project, which will receive $4,800. The Fort Frances Public Library has received $2,000 while the Rainy Lake Amateur Radio Club will get $1,000.
Devin Eldridge, president of the now-defunct Rotary Club, said he felt the Kiwanis and library were obvious choices for their cash.
He added the local radio club had helped out the Rotary Club in the past with its Santa Claus parade and the community with disaster alert and the OPP’s “Operation Pumpkin,” among other things.
Badiuk noted the rest of the club’s business also has been tied up.
“We’re leaving with a clean slate, we’ve paid for everything. The McIrvine Park’s in fine shape,” he said, referring to the park which the group has donated equipment.
A sign will be put up at the park this weekend, noted Eldridge.
As reported in Thursday’s Daily Bulletin, the Rotary Club also has turned over co-ordinating the Santa Claus parade to the Business Improvement Area.
The annual procession of lights and sounds is slated to go at 6 p.m. on Nov. 23.
The Rotary Club decided to turn in its charter earlier this year because of a lack of new members.