Robin’s Donuts outlet to be ‘new concept’ store

The new Robin’s Donuts outlet, soon to go up on King’s Highway near Keating Avenue, won’t much look like its downtown cousin.
The “new concept” store not only will have a new shape and size, it also will be a non-smoking establishment with the convenience of a drive-thru express.
“It will be quite a bit different [and] is a whole new design we’re working on,” said Martii Granholm, manager of customer services at Robin’s Donuts’ head office in Thunder Bay.
Kelly Spicer and Guy Donaldson, who operate the downtown shop, also will manage the 1,500 sq. ft. second outlet, which will offer seating for 30 and feature a full deli.
“It will be very nice. Much brighter with a more modern interior package,” Donaldson said, adding the new outlet here will be the first of its kind in Ontario (the only other one like it is in Manitoba).
Kevin Kalyta, director of operations for Robin’s Donuts, said the drive-thru feature was a necessity of business these days given the fast-paced lifestyle of customers.
“Clients are accustom to that sort of thing,” he reasoned. “It’s a very handy service and it sure speeds things up.”
Kalyta also anticipated the non-smoking environment would be well-received.
“There are clearly two markets–smoking clientele and the non-smoker, who prefer [their own] type of location,” he said. “It’s important to service both sides of that market.
“I think [the new location] will be a good addition to the Fort Frances market,” he added.
Local labour and tradesmen will be used to build the new outlet, which should be up and running by the end of October.