Robert Moore School turning 90

This Saturday marks the 90th anniversary of the official opening of Robert Moore School here.
On Oct. 23, 1914, students walked from the old Scott Street school, now home of the Fort Frances Museum, to their new school on Second Street.
An article from the Fort Frances Times dated Feb. 19, 1914 reads: “Such a building will be an ornament and a credit to Fort Frances, and with another large extension of eight rooms which is planned for next year, Fort Frances will be able to boast of one of the best school buildings in any town in New Ontario.
“The total cost, when completed, will be about $55,000.”
The area experienced a boom period from 1909-1912, necessitating a larger elementary school.
Local family doctor Robert Moore chaired the fundraising efforts and helped choose the site on Second Street, which at the time was considered removed from the centre of town.
Moore also was a renowned horticulturist, and served on the school board as well as mayor.
The principal of the new school was F.H. Huffman, for whom another local public school would later be named.
For a time, the upper floor of the 16-room building housed the high school, or “continuation classes” as they were called back then, with primary grades on the main floor.
Later, the high school students were moved back to the school on Scott Street.
An eight-room addition was built on to Robert Moore in 1922 at a cost of about $81,000. Further additions were made in 1926 and 1973.
Editor’s note: Files from the Fort Frances Museum were used to compile this report.