Road names selected tonight

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Tonight will be the first meeting of the month for the Fort Frances council. The second and final one of the month will be on May 25.

During tonight’s meeting, council will make a vote on the new names of Colonization Road East and Colonization Road West.

This comes after a list of over 75 names was narrowed down to five names for Colonization Road East and four names for Colonization Road West.

Colonization Road East will be renamed to one of the following five names: Agamiing (at the shore) Drive, Shoreline Drive, Harmony Drive, Nibi (water) Drive or Sunrise Drive.

Colonization Road West will be renamed to one of the following four names: Sunset Trail or Road, Heritage Trail or Road, Spirit Trail or Road or Moonlight Trail or Road.

The names Agamiing and Nibi, are in Anishinaabemowin.

Once approved, the final report submitted by Cody Vangel, chief building official and municipal planner, states that the Town of Fort Frances will not be responsible for any costs directly or indirectly related to the name changes aside from that of the applicable street sign replacements.

These changes will formally take place on Jan. 1, 2022 and the Colonization Road signs will be donated to Manitou Mounds, Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Fort Frances Museum.

Traffic bylaw

On the consent agenda is the temporary traffic bylaw to the King’s Highway reconstruction. Council has previously approved King’s Highway reconstruction. Therefore, a temporary traffic control bylaw should be implemented for the construction project. According to the report, this temporary bylaw allows enforcement to be able to ensure the adequate flow of traffic through the detour and construction areas throughout the project, and permit enforcement actions if deemed necessary.

Senior Centre

The donation request from the Senior Centre is also on the consent agenda. Approval of the request will agree with the recommendation of the Administration and Finance Executive Committee to proclaim June as Seniors Month, have Mayor June Caul or a representative attend the senior kickoff walk event at noon on June 1 and provide a donation of $500 from the council public relations budget.

How to join

Town council meetings are open to the public online through the Microsoft Teams platform or the public can phone-in. To access a town council meeting, follow the instructions at the top of the agenda you would like to attend, posted at or call 807-274-5323 for assistance.