Riverside’s ‘picnic’ luncheon tops $9,000

Heather Latter

The Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual spring luncheon Sunday afternoon at Robert Moore School was a big hit once again—raising more than $9,000 for health care.
“It was definitely a success,” enthused Foundation director Samantha Manty.
She noted the funds will be put towards the purchase of one pediatric kit for each of the health centres in Fort Frances, Emo, and Rainy River.
“It’s a kit for young patients’ emergency resuscitation requirements,” Manty said of the Broselow System.
Manty is ecstatic that Sunday’s event—dubbed “Bring the Outside In”—raised so much money while drawing about 155 ladies.
“The picnic theme went over extremely well,” she remarked.
The school’s gym was transformed into an indoor picnic, complete with red-and-white checkered table clothes and a lemonade stand.
“We had a really fun time with the decor,” Manty said.
“Everyone was really excited about all the spring items,” she added.
“It made it feel like summer is coming.”
Both the penny table and silent auction featured a wide array of “outdoor” items—everything from planters and solar lights to wind chimes, garden tools, lawn ornaments, and even patio furniture.
There also was a yard sale table where people could purchase items.
“The community was so generous about donating so many different things,” Manty said.
Winners of the games also won an “outdoor”-themed prize.
“I think both games went over pretty well,” Manty said, noting there was a “backyard” version of the game “Kerplunk,” as well as a fishing-for-treasure game.
“If you’re having a picnic, you might go over to the fishing pond,” she reasoned.
Money also was raised through “ticket blitzes,” which Manty also found very popular.
One was to win a gold diamond ring donated by Brockie’s Jewellers while the other was for a “Picnic for Two” prize.
Meanwhile, Manty noted the food was done up in a picnic-style fare, donated by the La Verendrye Hospital kitchen.
“They had a lot of fun with the picnic theme—doing something a little bit different with the wraps, salads, and watermelon slices,” she remarked.
“I think they had fun creating a different style menu,” she noted, adding the desserts were provided by Safeway.
Manty said the spring luncheon certainly will continue on as an annual event, though she’s not sure whether or not the organizing committee will stick with the same theme.
“The picnic theme went over so well that we’ll have to keep in our pocket for future years,” she remarked.
“It was a lot of fun.”
The event had featured an “Old Bags” theme for several years.
“Purses are always nice but it’s nice to change it up, too, and try something different,” Manty reasoned.
“It’s just really nice how everyone comes together and really pulls the event together,” she added.