Riverside welcomes new board

Press Release

Riverside Health Care welcomes a new member to the board of directors and announces its officers.
On Tuesday, June 25, Riverside Health Care held its annual general meeting (AGM) of the corporation.
At that time, one vacancy on the board of directors was filled. Joining the board for the first time is Kathy Lampi for a one-year term.
Returning to the board of directors for three-year terms are Jan Beazley, Joanne Ogden and Shanna Weir.
Continuing their terms of office on the board are Jon Begg, Jordan Forbes, Peter Howie, Doug Robinson and Carlene Steiner.
At the inaugural meeting of the board of directors, held immediately following the AGM, the officers of the corporation were elected as follows:
•Chair – Joanne Ogden;
•Vice-chair – Jan Beazley;
•Second vice-chair – Jon Begg;
Shanna Weir was elected as chair of the Board Quality, Safety & Risk Committee.
The Riverside Board of Directors includes the following senior leadership and ex-officio directors:
•Ted Scholten, president and CEO;
•Lori Maki, vice-president of Health Services and Chief Nursing Executive;
•Henry Gauthier, vice-president Operations & Chief Financial Officer;
•Dr. Melanie Kowal, Chief of Staff; and
•Dr. Vaishali Patel, president of the Joint Medical Staff.