Riverside updates long-term care policy

Press Release

In light of a recent updated directive from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Riverside announces that long-term care residents can once again resume short-stays and temporary absences. Effective immediately, Riverside long-term care residents can spend time away from their homes for day trips or overnight absences.

“We appreciate the impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on our residents and families.” said Julie Loveday Vice President of Clinical Services and C.N.E. “We ask for everyone’s understanding as we navigate these welcome changes, in order to ensure that absences are made in accordance with the Ministry guidelines and that the health and safety of our residents remains the priority.”

Short Stay Absences

  • Residents may leave the home’s property on a short stay absence. This does not include an overnight stay.
  • Residents on a short stay absence must wear a medical mask at all times, if tolerated. Masks will be provided by the home. Residents are encouraged to practice good hand hygiene and physical distancing measures when outside of the home.
  • Residents returning from a short stay absence will be screened upon their return but are not required to be tested or self-isolate.

Temporary Absences

  • Residents may also leave the home’s property for a temporary absence (one or more nights) for personal reasons. All temporary absences will be at the discretion of the home and decided on a case-by-case basis based on safety factors like the risk associated with the absence and ability of the home to help residents self-isolate upon return. If a temporary absence is denied, the home will communicate this to the resident/substitute decision maker in writing, including the rationale for this decision.
  • All residents returning from a temporary absence are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return.