Riverside tightens visitor restrictions


Over the past two weeks, more than a dozen cases of COVID-19 have been identified across the Rainy River District, prompting Riverside healthcare to tighten restrictions and ramp up testing and sanitation protocols.

Starting on December 21, Riverside Healthcare tested all residents and staff of our long term care facilities twice over a seven-day period, while LaVerendrye General Hospital is appropriately utilizing a more focused testing approach. Additional high touch cleaning is being performed at all of our locations. We are also implementing new visitor restrictions at our long-term care sites, effective immediately.

New Long-Term Care Visitor Restrictions – Emo Health Centre, Rainy River Health Centre and Rainycrest Long-term care
· All short term and temporary absences are cancelled. The only exception is resident absences for medical appointments.
· All general visits are cancelled.
· All residents are permitted ONLY one (1) designated caregiver.
· Essential or palliative visitors will continue to be permitted.
· Any visitor accessing the Home is required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the past 2 weeks, and must pass the COVID-19 active screen.

In light of the recent lockdown announcement from the Province and a surge of new COVID-19 cases in the district, Riverside has updated the Acute In-Patient Care Visitation policy and procedure. These temporary changes are effectively immediately.

New In-Patient Acute Care Visitor Restrictions – LaVerendrye General Hospital

· Labouring patients may have one (1) designated support person with them.
· Pediatric patients may have one (1) designated support person from the same household.
· Critically ill patients may have one (1) designated support person/visitor from the same household.
· Palliative patients can have two (2) designated visitors; only one (1) allowed to visit at a time.
· Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients can have one (1) designated care partner.

We remind visitors that we have technology in place to have conversations via video chat applications. For Laverendrye General Hospital 1st Floor In-patient Unit call 807-274-3261 ext. 4693 and ext. 4565 to reach the 2nd Floor In-patient Unit to schedule use of this technology.

While we recognize these lockdowns are challenging, we need to remain aware that infection rates have been increasing all around us and are currently transpiring here in our district.
While vaccinations and lockdowns are intended to reduce the risk of transmission, it remains imperative that we recognize the importance of ensuring our families and communities stay safe. We acknowledge the frustration and exhaustion the last ten-months of the pandemic have brought. We encourage you now more than ever, to remain resilient.