Riverside seeking to fill advisory council

Nicholas Donaldson

Riverside Health Care is seeking participation from patients, families, and caregivers on its new Community Advisory Council (CAC).
Those interested in becoming part of the council are asked to submit an application for consideration prior to Sept. 22.
“The purpose of Riverside Health Care’s Community Advisory Council is to provide advice, along with community input and perspectives, to the board of directors on planning and delivery of current and future services within the Rainy River District,” Riverside president and CEO Ted Scholten said in an e-mail.
The council will meet bi-monthly, and also provide insight on trends and issues related to high-quality, patient/client-focused care in the district.
Scholten said the council will be a benefit to health care in the area and provide a representative voice of the community to be heard.
“[Riverside] recently amended its corporate bylaws, which resulted in a change from open to closed membership, per the recommendation of the Ontario Hospital Association Guide to Good Governance,” Scholten explained.
“Although the board of directors are representative of the communities, establishment of the CAC will ensure an avenue for additional ongoing feedback from the local communities we serve,” he noted.
Scholten said the feedback may cover specific needs of the community, opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, advocating for the unique and diverse health needs of the community, and approaches to communication and engagement with groups that may not be represented on the council.
The composition of the council will be as follows:
•a minimum of six general (non-RHC) members-family/patient/community representatives-from across Rainy River District;
•RHC representatives whose roles help to enhance CAC activities (vice-president, Rainycrest administrator, and manager/director from either the Emo or Rainy River Health Centre, for example);
•two RHC board members; and
•the president and CEO.
The invitation to gain general members goes out to all residents of Rainy River District, and the membership will reflect the diversity of the community.
However, any resident working for a health-service provider, or another health-care agency board, will not have their application considered due to potential conflicts of interest.
Applications can be obtained by contacting Brooke Booth at 274-4825 or via e-mail at b.booth@rhcf.on.ca, or by visiting the administration office of any Riverside facility.
The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. on Sept. 22.