Riverside resumes elective services

Press Release

During COVID-19, elective procedures were halted to reduce risk to hospital environments and protect critical resources required to combat the pandemic. Riverside recognizes this has been difficult and frustrating for patients and families.
Recently, the province approved our resumption of service application for elective surgeries/procedures. Services will be restored gradually over the next month, beginning today – June 15.
Riverside’s surgical booking team will be contacting patients to reschedule their procedure. Please refrain from contacting the hospital so that booking services may focus on confirming appointments through a coordinated follow up plan.
Continued resumption of elective surgeries requires that COVID-19 levels remain “nominal” and that our resource levels remain healthy; resources include staff, beds, medications and personal protective equipment.
Patients will experience new precautions being taken at LaVerendrye General Hospital. Patients will be screened before and the day of their procedure, will have to wear a mask at all times, practice good handwashing and sanitizing practices, and respect new physical distancing requirements within the facility.
Throughout the pandemic, Riverside continued to provide emergent/urgent care. The pandemic is not over, we have simply entered a new phase, and we are remaining vigilant in our practices.
The health and safety of patients, staff, physicians and the public remains our top priority.