Riverside responds to LHIN report

Press Release

The Northwest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) recently reported on the deficit positions of hospitals located in the area, and Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. was among those that have had significant losses for the past two years.
“The LHIN was well aware of our problems and we have been working diligently to overcome our deficit position,” said Riverside CEO Wayne Woods.
Woods noted Riverside has made significant changes to its hospital sector, which includes La Verendrye Hospital as well as the health centres in Emo and Rainy River, in the last year, and these changes have resulted in a balanced budget for this sector.
Woods added the situation at Rainycrest Long-Term Care here now must be addressed.
Riverside assumed control of the home from the ministry and municipalities in March, 2005.
At that time, significant compliance issues had closed Rainycrest to admissions and the home was in dire need of upgrades.
Since then, Rainycrest has been in compliance and a $2-million renovation and upgrade has been completed.
“We have to commend the staff and ministry for helping us achieve such a turnaround over the past few years,” noted Woods.
“These changes, however, have not been without a cost,” he stressed.
“Rainycrest has had a $1.8-million deficit over the past three years and is anticipating a further shortfall of $500,000 this year.”
“This cannot continue,” echoed Craig Sanders, chair of Riverside’s board of directors.
“We have an accountability agreement with the LHIN and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and we must have a balanced position for the corporation,” he explained.
Discussions currently are underway with the LHIN and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to collaboratively look at ways to address the problems with Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. and Rainycrest.
“We must place our corporate stability at the forefront while maintaining excellent patient care,” Sanders pledged.
“We can no longer sustain any deficits.”
As reported two weeks ago, Riverside ended its 2009-10 fiscal year with a deficit of $1,117,589.
In 2008-09, it experienced $950,192 deficit.