Riverside Health Care introduces updated visitor policy and procedures

Riverside Health Care
Press release

Riverside Health Care (RHC) is implementing a new visitation policy and procedures for all sites. Guided by patient/resident and family centred care, we are focused on creating a supportive environment for all. We recognize the importance of family and caregivers in the care of our patients and residents across the Rainy River District, and that there are different types of visitors with unique roles.

Caregivers (CP) and Essential Care Partners (ECPs) are people who provide physical, psychological, spiritual and/or emotional support to our patients/residents.

A General Visitor is not an essential visitor. While they have an important social role, they do not participate as active partners in care.

Under this guideline, General Visitors are welcome to visit all RHC facilities from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Beyond these regular visitation windows, patients and residents are encouraged to identify a caregiver and/or essential care partner who may visit and stay with them beyond during the designated quiet hours between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.

“We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, family-centred care and innovative approaches to create an ideal living and healing environment at all of our facilities,” says Julie Loveday, Executive Vice President, Clinical Services & CNE. “Riverside recognizes that visitors of all kinds are critical pieces of a larger support system and value them all to participate.

“We believe we’re adding another layer of care with our after-hours policy including Caregivers and Essential Care Partners where appropriate for the betterment of our community. This ‘quiet time’ also ensures other clients are able to get the rest they need for positive health outcomes and lifestyles.”

Arrangements for CPs and ECPs to stay during the quiet hours must be made with the Manager, Nursing Supervisor or Nurse in Charge in advance, and will be limited to one (1) visitor to minimize the disruption to care and sleep of other patients or residents. During any infectious disease outbreak, additional visiting restrictions may apply.

The updated policy and procedure documents can be viewed at riversidehealthcare.ca/patient-visitor-information/visitor-information.

We thank everyone for their understanding and continued support.