Riverside foundation proposing telethon fundraiser

Riverside Foundation for Health Care has started planning for a 12-hour telethon this fall to raise money towards the renovation of La Verendrye hospital’s emergency diagnostic imaging and surgical services wing.
Initially pitched at a meeting last Wednesday, the first official meeting of telethon organizers will be held in early September. But committees are now being formed, and chairpersons have been assigned to all but one of them.
The Special Events committee will be headed by Jan Beazley and Joan Allison while Teresa Hazel is taking care of Talent Production.
The Hostess committee is being chaired by Jan Cousineau and Ann Cox while Patti-Jo Reid will be responsible for Advertising and Publicity. Terrie Tucker will lead the Telephone committee.
No one had committed to head the Finance committee at last report.
Tentatively slated for Nov. 14 on Videon (channel nine), the telethon will feature all sorts of entertainment and performances, as well as appearances by local celebrities and publicly-presented donations.
Some mention also has been made about enlisting Fort High students to work closely with the foundation in producing the telethon.
Anyone interested in volunteering in any way for the telethon can contact Allison (274-9484) or Beazley (274-4803).
Organizers want people to keep in mind that any involvement with the telethon is beneficial to the health and well-being of everyone in Rainy River District.