Riverside Foundation pledges $80,000 to Emo Long-Term Care A.C. maintenance

Merna Emara
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Riverside Foundation for Health Care pledged $80,000 to cover the purchase and installation costs of the new air conditioning unit at the Emo Long-Term Care facility. Included in the $80,000 are $40,000 donated by the Emo and District Auxiliary.
Allison Cox, director at Riverside Foundation for Health Care, said board members were very happy to help cover part of the cost.
The air conditioning at Emo Long-Term Care facility stopped working in June, prompting the transfer of patients to Rainycrest in Fort Frances. Last week, Emo Long-Term Care patients were transferred back after installing a new air conditioning unit with a backup system.
“Our board passed a motion to support the request of the amount of $80,000,” Cox said. “We had put a request out to the Emo Auxiliary. The Emo Auxiliary board representative, Susan Irvine, said she was sure it would be likely that the auxiliary would like to support this as well. The request went to them and they very generously came back to say that they would be contributing $40,000 towards it.”
Cox said the money the foundation pledged may exceed what is needed to cover the exact cost. She said once the invoices are complete, the foundation will have an idea on the exact money needed.
At the beginning of each year, Cox said, the Riverside Health Care facilities gives the foundation a list of capital equipments that they need. The Riverside Foundation then works on making those purchases throughout the year. Besides that, they also have money reserved for urgent requests such as the one filed in June to cover the air conditioning repair costs.
“There are also things that may happen throughout the year and then a request will get put in, so this would fall under the category of urgent requests because it was something that was completely unexpected,” Cox said. “This is why the foundation has reserve funds, so when things like this happen we are able to provide the financial support needed.”
The money transfer will be made to Riverside Health Care at the end of the fiscal year when everything is accounted for.
“The support of this falls into line with our mission of supporting patient-client services as well as supporting medical facilities of the area served by Riverside Health Care,” Cox said. “I work very closely with the facilities and the auxiliaries to determine where funds are needed and where funds will be directed.