Riverside counselling still available over phone

Press Release

Riverside Community Counselling Services would like to acknowledge this unprecedented time in our community with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. With the current state of emergency and precautions that are in place, we recognize that some families are experiencing extreme stress and a lack of resources. There is an increased concern for those who are in violent and/or abusive relationships who are required to stay home when home is not a safe place.

The Family Violence Counselling Program, a division of Riverside Community Counselling Services, would like to inform the public that support continues to be available to those experiencing violence and/or abuse. We are available to provide support and counselling appointments by phone. To access the service please contact Riverside Community Counselling Services at (807)274-4807, Ext. 1. You may need to leave a message and we will respond as soon as we can. Please note that if you are in immediate danger and/or in an emergency situation please call 911. If you do call to request counselling support, if possible, please try to do so when you are safely away from your partner. If needed, please feel free to leave a code word or a code topic (i.e., calling about an order) for counsellors to use when we call you back to help increase your safety, and provide the safest number and times during the day to contact you.

For community members, if you know of someone who is currently in an abusive and/or violent relationship it may be helpful to check on them regularly. If you, a loved one, or someone you know, is currently at risk, in danger, and/or in immediate need of safety, please call 911.

Riverside Community Counselling Services wishes health and safety for everyone during this challenging time.