Riverside buys new truck

Press Release

Riverside Health Care’s Supply Chain welcomed a new courier truck purchased with the assistance of $30,000 in donations brought in through the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual Christmas Appeal in 2017.
“The truck is a vital piece of equipment,” said Doug White of Riverside’s Supply Chain.
“Travelling the distance, it provides a variety of services and supplies to our district,” he noted.
“We collect lab samples to be tested at La Verendrye Hospital, we ensure all medical supplies are properly filled and delivered, we transport envelopes and parcels, really whatever we can do to help.
“We also provide Emo and Rainy River with all their clean linens daily while returning the dirty items to be washed, which is a pretty important job,” White added.
The previous courier truck, travelling the equivalent of nine times around the world each year, had more than 400,000 km on it and constantly was in an out of the shop.
The Riverside Foundation for Health Care wishes to thank everyone who pledged or donated towards the 2017 Christmas Appeal, helping us to keep health care close to home.
Keep an eye out for the 2018 Christmas Appeal which will be launching soon.